Thursday, 16 August 2007

Chapter one: The Show.

August, year 2000 London, England, the night of the last ever gig at wembley stadium. There was one fan in that crowd of thousands who was shaking like a leaf in anticipation, more she felt than anyone else there. She was 19 years old, a second year university student and a massive Bon Jovi fan. She had been obsessed with the band since she first heard Always as a 14 year old girl, when she was young and impressionable. Jon Bon Jovi was her first crush...and as it seemed most long lasting, as five years on and no other actor or musician had been able to steal his crown.

And this was her first ever chance to see that man in the flesh, maybe not up close considering there were a couple of thousand people in between her and where he would soon be. But this was it, 'we will be breathing the same air' she thought as she hopped from foot to foot trying to regain some circulation. She had been stood for what seemed like a lifetime. In the queue at the stadium, the queue for merchandise, queue for the food and drink stall....and so then inevitably the queue for the toilets. But the support band Toploader had finished now, it was nearly time. She was watching with great interest the roadies and technicians scaling the rigging of the stage, amazed at their lack of fear at such heights. She saw the famous white microphone stand being brought out centre stage, and the many many guitars...she marvelled at the whole process as this was her first ever gig. Minutes later she was distracted as the crowd near the front started to scream, 'here we go' she thought....

From the opening chords of Livin' On a Prayer she was swept away on a tide of emotion...all the songs that she had loved for years brought to life. During the first encore she turned to her brother and his girlfriend who were also there and said 'i have got to try and get closer, meet you at the car after the show'. She turned and went before they had a chance to answer let alone stop her. But they were not too concerned, they had a little alone time at last! So on she went through the throngs of people, 'it is much easier when you are on your own' she thought as she said excuse me and pushed past another couple of fans. 'Just pretend you are coming back from the toilets to your space' she thought chuckling to herself. As she reached the furthest she could do due to barriers she squeezed in amongst the people saying sorry and asking if she could just watch a little from that position. The other fans were mostly obliging, one girl on her own doesn't take up too much room.

She had been there for a few minutes when the band started off a familiar tune that she had always loved....Jon shouted 'this is for friendship' as the riff for Blood on Blood began ringing in her ears, she was in awe as she had been since the start of the show. But at this point she noticed the crowd started getting rowdy behind her. sSme lads who had obviously had one too many at the Beer stand were pushing through and generally ruining the atmosphere, and other people were retaliating, pushing back. Suddenly there was a surge forward as the crowd started pushing and moving around and she was squashed against the barriers. She tensed her stomach muscles and tried to push her self away, but she was just squashed back against the metal barrier. Suddenly the crowd gave way and she moved back a few feet. Feeling the relief she started to walk towards the barrier again, but the crowd again pushed forward, knocking her forward right off her feet....

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Oh this sounds like it's going to be an interesting story.

Hoping for more soon!!